Vancouver island north – it’s a big deal!

Vancouver Island North is a special place… and a very big deal, as one of the largest land masses in BC. This wild and rugged area is home to stunning coastal scenery, old-growth forests, lakes, rivers, and long stretches of uninhabited wilderness.  The northern section of the island is known for its abundance of marine … Read more

WELCOME to winter harbour

We want to welcome you to Winter Harbour! Nestled at the mouth of Quatsino Sound, surrounded by over 70 miles of channels and inlets, The Outpost at Winter Harbour is a family-owned and operated haven for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. For years, we have been providing a unique and immersive experience in one of the … Read more


salmon fishing in winter harbour VANCOUVER ISLAND

“We arrived back in Penticton tired but happy yesterday after a 12 hour trip, and 400lb of fillets is safe and sound in our freezers. We had a memorable experience staying and fishing at the Outpost. We found everything very much to our liking, from the accomodations to the dock and processing facilities and especially … Read more


WOW – who would have guessed that the weather would be THIS GOOD all summer?!  All of the Winter Harbour locals are saying it’s been the most sunshine and least wind they’ve seen in all their time up there.  Yesterday, reports from the water were almost eerie glass-like conditions.  So quiet you could hear every