Vancouver island north – it’s a big deal!

Beach San Josef Bay Vancouver Island North is a special place

Vancouver Island North is a special place… and a very big deal, as one of the largest land masses in BC. This wild and rugged area is home to stunning coastal scenery, old-growth forests, lakes, rivers, and long stretches of uninhabited wilderness. 

The northern section of the island is known for its abundance of marine life, with orcas, humpbacks, dolphins, sea otters, seals, sea lions and other marine mammals often being spotted in the waters. The north shore of the island is also popular for its abundance of sport fishing, with salmon and halibut often found in the deep waters near Vancouver Island. 

Kayaking Vancouver Island North is a special place

In addition to its flora and fauna, North Vancouver Island is also known for its rich culture, with many First Nations communities living here since long before contact with Europeans. These communities are intertwined with the landscape, with fishing, whale hunting and berry picking being major industries that sustained local populations for centuries. 


While the majority of North Vancouver Island is sparsely populated, there are pockets of towns and villages scattered throughout the area. Small communities like Winter Harbuor, Port McNeill, Telegraph Cove and Port Alice can be a great base for exploring the region. For those looking for urban amenities, the cities of Campbell River or Nanaimo are located near the mid-point of the island and provide easy access to all the attractions the region has to offer. For those looking for the wild west coast, of course Winter Harbour takes you right to the end of the road and the edge of the best fishing grounds and amazing coastal beaches.


The north of Vancouver Island is known for its dramatic landscapes, with lush rainforests stretching for miles and extensive mountain ranges making for scenic views. The hiking trails here are some of the best in the world, with trails leading up to snow-capped peaks and down to secluded valleys. From the iconic West Coast Trail to the more remote North Coast Trail, North Vancouver Island offers an unparalleled outdoor experience. 

The region is also renowned for its wealth of wildlife, with black bears and cougars often sighted in particular areas. Bald eagles, seabirds and waterfowl are also common, with hundreds of species of birds and fish calling the region home. 


No visit to Vancouver Island is complete without taking part in some of the local activities. Kayaking, surfing, rock climbing, whale watching, scuba diving and much more are all popular pursuits. With its combination of pristine wilderness, incredible wildlife and vibrant culture, North Vancouver Island is a special place like no other.

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Salmon Fishing Vancouver Island North is a special place