Winter Harbour is closer to China and Japan than any other North American settlement! A small unique fishing village on the edge of the Pacific Ocean in remote northern Vancouver Island, there are few residents and lots to see.

The village of Winter Harbour got its name in the 1800’s when its sheltered harbour became a haven for sailing ships. Today, the docks are busy providing modern fishing boats and adventurers with the same welcome respite.

Winter Harbour is located at the mouth of Quatsino Sound, with over 70 miles of channels and inlets just waiting for the inquiring adventurer and avid sports fisherman. There’s a reason why this prime fishing spot still attracts Commercial Fishermen year round. Halibut, Cod, Salmon, Prawns and Crab – we’ve got it all!

There’s lots of action in the Harbour! Coast Guard and Navy ships often dropin for an overnight stay during their patrols of the Wild West Coast, creating a grand view from the shores. Winter Harbour is also one of the stops on the annual Van Isle 360 sailing race. Come & check out the action in June!

The seaside boardwalk used to be the only transportation route to get around the village before the main road was introduced. It remains today as a fantastic way to view the harbour and experience its history.

This is the place you can explore some of the most beautiful remote beaches just minutes from the Harbour. The abundant wildlife means you’ll wake up to the sound of eagles screeching and the sight of sea otters looking for breakfast.

The Botel Trail is just behind the lodge, and leads you on a short hike through a rainforest and old growth trees before you come out onto a rocky beach shore looking out to the open Pacific Ocean. 

Cape Scott Provincial Park and Raft Cove are just down the road and offer remote hiking and camping.