Winter Harbour Fishing Update

We have had very calm conditions overall for the last two weeks, making most areas accessible, and the fish are already here in pretty big numbers. The shallows off Lawn Point, Cains and Lippy Point have been particularly good, with most boats limiting on nice Springs as well as a decent number of Coho. The Springs are averaging 18-22 lbs, with a handful of 25-30 lbers coming in.

Similar to last year, the fish are coming in plugged with Pilchard and Needlefish. Most fish are being caught between 50-100ft in 100-200 ft of water. With the abundance of bait in the shallow shoals, there have been ALOT of good sized Hali and Lings coming on the troll, particularly in the bumps off Lippy Pt. This time of year, the Black/Silver/ Glo Hoochies like Tammy Fay, or Cop Car Snotty are really working well, as are the old standby M84’s or J31 Needles.

The inside waters off Cliff , Cain and Pinnacle are still relatively quiet, as most of the Springs being caught appear to be southern travelers.

Overall, everyone is pretty excited around here as we are off to a great start…. and there is hardly anyone here yet ! The Van Isle 360 Yacht Race rolls into to town on the 14th of June, and we are basically in full-steam-ahead mode after that!

We do have a reasonable amount of RV and Moorage still available June thru September, with a few spots of accommodation available as well.    Our charters are sold out completely thru Aug 16th,  but have a handful available after that and into early September when the big boys arrive !

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